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A Two-Stage Corrosion Protection System for Reinforced Concrete Structures

Paper Number: 21
Author/s: D. Whitmore1 & D. Simpson2
Organisation: Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd.1&2


Electrochemical corrosion protection techniques including impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP), galvanic corrosion protection (GCP) and electrochemical treatments (ECE and Re-Alk) are well known and widely used to protect reinforced concrete structures globally. Each of these techniques have inherent advantages and disadvantages which are also well known.

Two-stage corrosion protection systems combine or fuse two or more of these methods together into a single system. This simple, holistic approach can provide excellent corrosion protection. More importantly, this methodology achieves protection without the limitations associated with the individual techniques.

This paper describes the development, laboratory evaluation, field performance and implementation of two-stage corrosion protection systems which have fused impressed current, galvanic and electrochemical treatment systems together.