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Abstracts | 2018

Technical Program
as at 8 May 2018

Below is a list of papers is based of abstracts received which have been provisionally accepted for Corrosion & Prevention 2018 by the Conference Technical Committee.

Submitted papers will be subject to a peer review process before they can be officially accepted for Corrosion & Prevention 2018.

Please note that the allocation of papers under the ‘streams’ is currently a draft and subject to change

Asset Management
Tripathi, Mr NarendraRMS, TfNSWSafely Maintaining Aging Assets
Haberecht, Dr PeterMaterials and Environments (MATENV Power)Atmosphere Corrosivity Assessment of South Australia: Two Year Study (2017)
Northwood, Professor DerekUniversity of WindsorCorrosion and Society
Czerwinski, Dr AndrewInfracorr ConsultingDegradation of Mechanical Properties for Galvanized Guy Wires due to In-Service Corrosion
Kreher, Dr Ulf PeterAurecon AustralasiaElectrolysis Protection of DC Rail Elevated Structures: The Impact on Structural, Architectural, Urban Design and Construction Details
Ghodkay, VarunCurtin UniversityCompatibility of Epoxy Coatings in Monoethylene glycolSolutions: Long Term Evaluation of Coating Performance
Sequera, Mr NestorSN IntergrityPermanent Installation of Passive Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors for Internal Corrosion Monitoring
Shibi, Mr NaamanTechs4Biz AustraliaElectronic Inspection - Using Mobile Devices to Manage Assets and Inspect Corrosion
Shaw, Dr PatriciaCallaghan InnovationSynchrotron Studies for Corrosion Research
Celine, Mr DavidOmniflex Pty LtdEnterprise Wide Monitoring of Corrosion in Assets
Huggett, Dr PaulApplus RTD Pty LtdStress Corrosion Cracking of Autoclave Steam Coils
Milligan, Mr PeterAINDTThe Importance of Certification Within the Inspection Industry
Scott, Mrs Cindy LiuBureau VeritasEffect of Remnant Mill Scale on Longwall Chain Corrosion
Coatings Application
Varela, Mr BobDeakin UniversityValidation of Corrosion Monitoring Sensors ThroughAccelerated Disbonded Coating Corrosion Testing
Lyons, Dr ChristopherDefence Science and Technology GroupAnticorrosive Testing of Less Toxic, Environmentally Friendly Coating Systems Designed for Military Aircraft
Olawale, FatobaUniversity of JohannesburgNumerical Modelling and Influence of Cu addition at High-Temperature on the Surface Characteristics and Electrochemical Properties of Icosahedral Al-Cu-Fe Coatings on Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Hughes, Professor AnthonyDeakin UniversityThe Role of Computed Tomography in Understanding Inhibitor Release from Coatings
Sudholz, Dr AaronDefence Science and Technology GroupAnatomy of Coating Systems for Corrosion Protection of Aircraft
Cicak, Mr IviDeakin UniversityDetermining the Required Voltages for Holiday TestingDual Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings
Concrete - Cathodic Protection of Reinforcement
Whitmore, DavidVector Corrosion Technologies Ltd.Impregnation Technique Extends the Service Life of Post-Tensioned Bridges with Grout Defects
Cheytani, Mr MartinUniversity of New South WalesCauses and Treatment of Grout Acidification Problems Associated with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems
Whitmore, DavidVector Corrosion Technologies Ltd.A Two-Stage Corrosion Protection System for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Concrete - Coatings & Repair
Ganapathi, Dr Mahalaxmi RamamurthiMetz Specialty Materials Pty LtdRemediation and Long Term Protection of ChemicallyCorroded Concrete
Ward, Mr WilliamPapworths Construction Testing EquipmentProposed Recommended Practice for Coating Dry Film Thickness Measurement Over Concrete
Green, Mr WarrenVinsi Partners‘Do Nothing’ and Patch Repair (without Anodes) Engineered Maintenance Experiences of Marine Concrete Structures
Concrete - Deterioration
Salek, Dr ShamilaGHDMaterials Characterisation and Concrete Durability
Khan, Mr Hammad AnisUNSWNeutralization and Corrosion of Geopolymer Mortar in an Aggressive Sewer Environment
Kilgour, Mr RobertWSPDurability of Concrete in Tunnels
Concrete - Reinforcement Corrosion
Ferguson, Mr DeanInfracorr ConsultingA Theoretical and Practical Review of Half Cell Potential Measurements for Assessing Reinforcement Corrosion
Papworth, Mr FrankBCRCDurability Design Developments For fib Model Code 2020
MacLeod, Dr AlastairDeakin UniversityPerformance of Lanthanum & Imidazolinium 4-Hydroxycinnamate Inhibitor Coatings in Simulated Seawater-Exposed Cement Solution
Papworth, Mr FrankBCRCDurability Design for Concrete Immersed in Seawater or Brine.
High Temperature Corrosion
Zhang, Dr JianqiangUNSWCorrosion Behaviour of Ni-Cr alloys in Oxygen Gas at High Temperature
Aye, Mrs. Khaing KhaingSchool of Materials Science and Engineering, UNSWChlorine-induced Corrosion of Chromia Forming Alloys in Wet Atmosphere at 650°C
Non-ferrous Metal Corrosion
Chaves, Dr IgorThe University of NewcastleSyntactic Perlite-Aluminium Long-Term loss of Mechanical Properties Immersed in Ocean and Fresh Waters
Sudholz, Dr AaronDefence Science and Technology GroupPit Growth Kinetics in Atmospheric and Immersed Conditions
MacLeod, Dr IanHeritage Conservation SolutionsCorrosion Potential Study of the Western Australian 1911 Coronation Medal
Liang, Miss MengxiaThe University of NewcastlePitting Corrosion of 5005 Aluminium Alloys Exposed to Temperate Seawater Immersion Environment
Fosdike, Mr DanielASC ShipbuildingCase Studies from Shipbuilding in Adelaide
Neil, Dr WayneDefence Science and Technology GroupCorrosion of Alternate Marine Hull Valve Materials
Sudholz, Dr AaronDefence Science and Technology GroupPredicting the Corrosion of Aircraft Using In-field Environmental Sensor Data
Oil & Gas - Cathodic Protection of Pipelines
Cao, Ms QingMonash UniversityOn the Detection and Mitigation of Corrosion Under insulation of Mild Steel
Brodribb, Mr RichardM. Brodribb Pty LtdProviding Stable TR protection for Well Coated Pipes – Bode Plot or Backhoe?
Latino, Mr MaxDeakin UniversityCP Currents Passing Through Coatings and their Effect on Corrosion Under Disbonded Coatings
Oil & Gas - Marine Structures
Flanery, Mr DavidDeepwater Australasia Pty LtdSunstation Subsea Cathodic Protection Survey Made Easy
Zhu, Mr. YesenSchool of Naval Architecture, Dalian University of TechnologyThe Probing of the Pipeline Localized Corrosion Using a Novel Designed Multiple Ring Pair Electrical Resistance Sensor Array
Welsford, Mr PaulFlexitallic UK LtdFlange Face Corrosion in Seawater and Hydrocarbon Environments Related to Gasket Material Selection
Sunaba, Dr ToshiyukiINPEXCorrosion Resistance of 17Cr OCTG Martensitic Stainless Steels for HP/HT Wells
Oil & Gas - Refinery Issues
Fatah, Dr MartinSTT PLNCorrosion Assessment of a Leakage Pipeline in the Seabed: A Case Study
Dankiw, Mr RomanAsset Inspection Consultants Pty LtdCorrosion Repairs on Pressure Equipment
Carlisle, Mr GrahamIAS Group Pty LtdLiquid Thermal Insulation Coatings (TIC): A Practical Method to Mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
Other Corrosion issues
Habib, Professor KhaledMaterials Science and Photo-Electronics LabPrediction of EnergyEfficiency of Iron–Boron–Silicon Metallic Glasses in Aqueous Solutions
Research Forum
Repacholi, Ms MarianneFB RiceAvoiding a patent infringement lawsuit
Steel Corrosion
Hussain, Mr MuhammadAMCO Integrity Pty LtdReliability Issues of Austenitic Stainless Steel
Francis, Dr RobertR A Francis Consulting ServicesTen Years’ Experience with the Australian Corrosivity Standard
Jeffrey, Dr RobertUniversity of NewcastleAtmospheric Corrosion of Mild Steel in a Desert Environment
Steel Corrosion - Cathodic Protection of Steel Structures
Phang, Mr BobSMEC Pty LtdRecent Case History to Benchmark Best Practices in Protection Criteria of Buried Steel Structures
Fatemi, Dr HamidRoads and Maritime ServicesCharacterisation of Acidification in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Anodes Backfill Mortar
Vukcevic, Mr RajkoInfoware Consulting Pty LtdTowards a Unified Engineering Theory of CP Systems
Salazar Romero, Mr RamonSA WaterOverview of the Cathodic ProtectionExperience of a Water Authority
Al-Otaibi, Mr MohammedSaudi AramcoPilot Testing of New CP System of Aboveground Storage Tank
Ackland, Dr BruceBruce Ackland and Associates Pty LtdTrue or False? Facts and Fallacies in Cathodic Protection
Steel Corrosion - Coating of Steel Structures
Ward, Dr LiamRMIT UniversityApplications of a High Throughput Wells Technique for Rapid Screening of Corrosion Inhibitors
Dankiw, Mr RomanAsset Inspection Consultants Pty LtdDefining Mechanical Surface Preparation Standards
Lennox, Mrs Amy97 CompressionHolistic Approach for More Effective and Environmentally Conscious Corrosion Control
Duyvestyn, Mr OscarAECOMNo one Cares about the Paint – A Specifier’s Perspective
Li, Dr YongjiaSingapore PolytechnicFormulation of VOCs Free Surface Tolerant Anti-corrosion Coatings by Epoxy-Thiokol Copolymer
Mandeno, Ing. WillieWSP OpusNew NZ Steel Durability Standard
Chung, Ms Ping PingSwinburne University of TechnologyEffects of Heat Treatment on Mechanically Plated Zn-Sn Coating and its Corrosion Performance
Tan, Prof Mike YongjunDeakin UniversityRecent Progresses in Understanding Pipeline Coating Degradation
Steel Corrosion - Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Steel
Suarez, Mrs ErikaCurtin UniversityThe Role of Bacteria on Under-Deposit Corrosion in Oil and Gas Facilities: A Review of Mechanisms, Test Methods and Inhibition
Zhong, Miss HuiyunUniversity of QueenslandEffects of Biofilm Development on Microbially Influenced Corrosion in A Simulated Water Injection System
Salgar Chaparro, Mrs SilviaCurtin Corrosion CentreEffect of Sample Preservation on the Diversity Profile Assessment of Oilfield Microbial Communities
Steel Corrosion - Steel in a Marine Environment
Green, Mr WarrenVinsi PartnersIn-situ Corrosion Protection Performance Assessment of Petrolatum-Based Pile Wrapping Systems at the Tasman Bridge
Catubig, Dr RainierDeakin UniversityInhibition at a Polyurethane-based Coating Defect with Lanthanum 4-hydroxycinnamate and Candidate MIC Inhibitors
Albahri, Mr MohammedCurtin UniversityCharacterization of Biocorrosion Products on Carbon Steel Surfaces in Seawater Using X-ray Micro-Computed Tomography
Dahm, Dr KarlCallaghan InnovationElectrochemical Corrosion Behaviour of Stainless Steels Manufactured by Powder Metallurgical Methods
McLean, Mr JackFreyssinet AustraliaA Study of the Relationship Between Changing Water Salinity and Cathodic Protection Polarisation on Wharf Structures
Xu, Mr YunzeDeakin UniversityThe Study of Water-line Corrosion in Static and Dynamically Flowing Electrolytes using Multi-electrode Sensor in Combination with Electrical Resistance Method
Melchers, Professor RobertThe University of NewcastleLong-term Corrosion ofSteel Chains on Pacific Ocean Beach Sand
Jardim do Nascimento, Ms. BarbaraUniversity of NewcastleLong-term Corrosion Investigation of Mortar Embedded wall-ties Exposed to Atmospheric Corrosion
Gathimba, Mr. NaftaryNagoya UniversityCharacterization of Surface Topography for Corroded Steel Members Exposed to Marine Environments
Water Infrastructure - Pipe Corrosion and Condition Assessment
Melchers, Professor RobertThe University of NewcastleWater Infrastructure - Pipe Corrosion and Condition Assessment
Petersen, Dr RobertThe University of NewcastleThe Influence of Soil Moisture on the Corrosion of Mild Steel in Clays after One Year of Exposure
Liu, Mr. LiangDalian University of TechnologyThe Monitoring of the Erosion and Corrosion Using Electrical Resistance Sensor Combined with Electrochemical Method
Water Infrastructure - Water Treatment Plant & Waste WaterTreatment Plant Corrosion
Furman, Mrs SarahAECOMCrevice Corrosion of Super Duplex Stainless Steel in High Chloride Environments
Sussex, Dr GrahamSussex Materials Solutions Pty LtdHalides, Halogens and Crevices -A Difficult Combination
Afshari, Dr VahidGHD Pty LtdA Literature Review – Materials Selection for Intake Screens
Vince, Mr PaulWSPFurther Observations on the Performance of Geomembrane Materials in Floating Cover Applications in Australia