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Contact Persons: Matthew Mitchell, Steve Watt

Phone Number: 1300 723 447

Email Addresses:

 m.mitchell@aegis.net.au, s.watt@aegis.net.au

Web Address: www.aegis.net.au

About Aegis

For more than 80 years Aegis has designed and manufactured test equipment for utility companies worldwide. Aegis strives to maximise the life of a utility network, seeking continuous reliable operation and performance. From contractors to network owners, Aegis provides test and measurement solutions for daily use.

Aegis is transforming the corrosion protection industry by providing 24/7 monitoring of your protection systems. You no longer need to wonder whether your network is being protected, let the DataCell product range do it for you. View your network on any smart device, react to alarms only as required, and proactively maintain your asset efficiently.