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Anti Corrosion Technology

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Contact Person: Simon Ghobrial | MD

Phone Number: +61 7 3344 4434

Email Address: info@anticorrosiontechnology.com

Web Address: www.anticorrosiontechnology.com


About Anti Corrosion Technology

Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) is an Australian-based engineering company that specializes in providing sustainable solutions in materials engineering and corrosion control by senior specialists for the oil & gas, water, mining, marine and power generation industries. ACT is also the authorised and sole distributor of STOPAQ systems in New Zealand and Australia offering unique and cost effective solutions for external pipeline corrosion protection including field joint coating, factory applied mainline coating, flange and valve protection, HDD, steel pipe casings under road & rail crossings as well as corrosion protection of tank bottoms and offshore/submerged structures such as platform risers, wharf piles and jacket legs.