Abstracts 2017

Qualifying Tank Coatings for Broad Service Capabilities

Paper No. 150 Bowditch1, A.W. Chesterton, Groveland, Massachusetts, USA   Abstract Often times an existing tank lining is unsuited for exchange service when a new chemical is going to be stored in the tank.  For example, a tank lining selected to resist light oils is not necessarily compatible with alkylates.  When this situation arises either the […]

Epoxy Based Materials for Elevated Temperature End Uses: What Do We Really Know?

Paper No. 142 Surojit B Mukherjee¹, Adam Ovington², ¹International Paint Ltd., Protective Coatings 6001 Antoine Drive, Houston,Texas, 77091, USA, ²International Paint Ltd., Protective Coatings Stoney gate Lane, Felling, Tyne & Wear NE10 0JY, UK Abstract Epoxy phenolic based coatings have become the industry standard for CUI protection, widely respected for their temperature and corrosion resistance, while alternative […]

Practical Examples for the Management of Assets with Corrosion

Paper No. 136 Dr Frédéric Blin, Dr Torill Pape Abstract There is increasing pressure on infrastructure owners and manager to ensure their asset base is safe and reliable, and maintains acceptable levels of service for the duration of the expected life of the asset.  This requires balance with often limited budgets, requiring optimized approaches to be developed […]

The Use of Epoxy and Polymer Modified Cementitious Coatings to Re-Line Old Concrete and Brick Manholes and Sewer Structures

Paper No. 144 Mr. David Johnstone, Australasian Product Manager – Linings, Akzo Nobel Pty Limited, 2 Capelli Road, Wingfield, South Australia, 5013 Abstract Concrete man holes and sewer pipes are an integral part of all sewerage systems. They are however exposed to corrosion from Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Chloride diffusion which, if not addressed, lead to sectional […]

Addressing Sheet Pile Accelerated Low Water Corrosion on Ohau Diversion Wall

Paper No. 125 R El Sarraf1, W L Mandeno & M Townsend3, Opus International Consultant Ltd1, Aduckland, New Zealand, Opus International Consultants Ltd2,Wellington, New Zealand & Mark Townsend, Bay of Plenty Regional Council3, Rotorua, New Zealand Abstract Ohau Diversion Wall is a 1.2km long submerged wall consisting of interlocking sheet piles, and king piles up to […]

Corrosion Mitigation of Ageing Buried Steel Pipelines in Metropolitan Sydney

Paper No. 95 J Galanos, Corrosion Control Engineering, Sydney, Australia. Abstract A number of buried steel pipelines have been installed in Sydney to transport petroleum, gas, water and other products. While most of these pipelines have lasted well, due to robust maintenance, this paper discusses the challenges associated with many aspects of pipeline maintenance, including upgrading […]

Robot Helpers – Artificial Intelligence Assisted Condition Assessment

Paper No. 80 W Nash1,2, A Lockwood3, M Brameld3, L Holloway2,4, N Birbilis1,2 – 1Woodside Innovation Centre, Clayton, Australia, 2Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Monash University, Clayton, Australia, 3Woodside Energy, Perth, Australia, 4MEnD Consulting Pty Ltd, West Perth, Australia Abstract The confluence of aging infrastructure and commodity prices has created a scenario where maintenance costs are often prohibitive […]

Microbial Community Investigation Associated with Corrosion Failures of Submarine Seawater Piping

Paper No. 47 J.L. Wood1, A.E. Franks1, W.C Neil 2 – 1Applied Environmental Microbiology, Department of Physiology, La Trobe University, Bundoora 3086, VIC Australia, 2Defence Science and Technology Group, Fishermans Bend 3207, VIC Australia Abstract Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) refers to the dramatically accelerated rates of corrosion/degradation caused by naturally occurring microbial populations and affects a wide […]

Effectively Capture In-Field Data – a New Way Forward for Protective Coatings Projects

Paper No. 25 Justin Rigby, Docopro Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.   Abstract Asset management requires a process of inspection and documenting construction, maintenance and refurbishment works. Most organisations have good systems for in-field inspection however there is difficulty in getting documentation when construction or maintenance activities take place. Asset Owners who have a high level […]

Surface Preparation Applied to Shipyard using Desiccant Dryers. Design and Energy Considerations

Paper No. 105 G Lacey, D Dawson & C Hipsley,  Air and Aqua Tech Australia, Sydney, Australia Abstract Since the US naval fleet required mothballing after the 2nd world war, dry air has been widely   used   in   shipping   applications   for   corrosion   prevention   in   operation, preservation and surface preparation for coating. Similarly, the Korean shipyards use […]