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Corrosion Control Engineering

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About Corrosion Control Engineering

Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) is Australasia’s leader in Cathodic Protection engineering, field services and materials supply.  CCE has more NACE certified CP Specialists than any other company in Australia and operates 7 regional offices across Australia and New Zealand which are managed by Principal Engineers, each of whom have in excess of 30-40 years’ experience in the corrosion control industry.

The CCE team consists of qualified professional engineers and technicians who have specialised in the field of corrosion prevention and Cathodic Protection for many years, and who are certified with the ACA and/or NACE International.  CCE also supplies a wide range of CP and pipeline related products and materials to the industry.

CCE specialises in the design, supply, installation and monitoring of cathodic protection systems for:

  • Pipelines, plants & facilities
  • Ports, wharves and jetties
  • Storage tanks & reservoirs
  • Steel reinforced concrete
  • Marine vessels
  • Offshore structures