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Corrosion Repairs on Pressure Equipment

Paper Number: 75
Author/s: R.Dankiw
Organisation: Principal Inspection Consultant of Asset Inspection Consultants Pty Ltd1, Adelaide, Australia.


Pressure Equipment such as Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Piping are subjected to corrosion deterioration both internally and externally due to environmental and process conditions.

The corrosion largely results in significant material loss adversely affecting the structural integrity of individual components/sections of Pressure Equipment.This paper looks at the common causes of corrosion deterioration of Pressure Equipment in the Oil, Gas and Process industries.

This paper provides general oversight on industry best practice of inspection methods, repair methods and applicable standards utilised for returning the Pressure Equipment to safe operating service.Repair methods examined include; coatings, epoxy fillers, pad welding, welded sleeves, clamps, composite wraps and window welding.

The author has had over 35 years’ experience in the construction and pressure equipment industry, with industry certifications with NACE, WTIA, AICIP, Icorr, ACA and IIW. The author has personally been involved in the oversight of these repair methods and brings the practical aspects of repair methods to the audience.