Electronic inspection – Using mobile devices to manage assets and inspect corrosion

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Asset management and many corrosion inspection activities are currently performed using paper-based inspection methods. The rise of smartphone and tablet technology has now enabled these crucial operations to be undertaken electronically. Paper-based methods are consistently proving outdated and cumbersome when compared to modern digital checklists. The cost decrease of technology and an increasingly tech-savvy generation in the workforce, presents mobile devices as a flexible and powerful tool in business. Assets and equipment in various locations, shapes and sizes can now benefit from accurate inspection and monitoring. Mainstream, as well as rugged Android or iOS devices can now be used to gather new forms of data and provide higher accuracy asset management and corrosion inspection. Providing inspectors with a range of functionalities such as speech to text, camera and touchscreen annotation gives inspectors new input methods – vital specifically for corrosion inspection. Another feature specifically beneficial to corrosion inspection is automatically suggested corrective actions, allowing quick onsite action to be taken. Corrosion reference material can be attached to specific checklists, giving the inspector the correct guide and regulations for a specific inspection. Standardised response, GPS/time stamps and offline features means inspectors and officers can ensure fast transmission of accurate data, whilst remaining efficient and unrestricted in their audit. Saving the need for re-entering data manually, alongside streamlined data analysis means the inspection process can be both effective and efficient. This becomes particularly apparent when considering the ability to store data privately or on the cloud through SaaS based systems. 24/7 access to in-depth analysis and reports via web-portals makes asset management easy to use whilst allowing accurate records to be kept forever.

In today’s fast paced and competitive environment it is crucial to stay up to date; mobile devices really can give companies considerable advantages within asset management and corrosion inspection.

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