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Enterprise Wide Monitoring of Corrosion in Assets

Paper Number: 70
Author/s: D Celine
Organisation: Omniflex Pty Ltd1, Sydney, Australia


As the Internet and the “Internet of Things” technologies for reliable 24/7 monitoring become more mainstream, the general demand for increased monitoring of assets is increasing exponentially. The increasing desire to monitor the corrosion in assets is no exception. This desire is not limited to just monitoring of assets protected by impressed current CP systems but also extends to the monitoring of galvanic anode systems, including some of the newer technologies such as hybrid anode systems.
But Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems generally have a life expectancy between 15 and 25+ years, with galvanic systems even longer and with a large fleet of such systems already installed, this places some practical limitations on the ability to bring these systems into a single corrosion protection monitoring regime.

In addition, the management of many disparate monitoring systems of various vintages across an enterprise has led to many of these legacy systems falling into disuse.

This paper explores the benefits of having a unified strategy for the monitoring of asset corrosion in large enterprises, the requirements of such a strategy in order to realise the benefits and the practical problems associated with monitoring of corrosion in assets across disparate legacy systems.

A case study of such an enterprise-wide monitoring system developed in Australia is presented and the results of implementation across a major port in Australia is discussed.