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Epoxy Based Materials for Elevated Temperature End Uses: What Do We Really Know?

Paper No. 142
Surojit B Mukherjee¹, Adam Ovington², ¹International Paint Ltd., Protective Coatings 6001 Antoine Drive, Houston,Texas, 77091, USA, ²International Paint Ltd., Protective Coatings
Stoney gate Lane, Felling, Tyne & Wear NE10 0JY, UK


Epoxy phenolic based coatings have become the industry standard for CUI protection, widely respected for their temperature and corrosion resistance, while alternative epoxy technologies have received little attention. As a result epoxy phenolic technology takes a key place in the NACE SP0198_2010 CUI guideline offering protection across the critical CUI range of temperatures. This paper will take a fresh look at epoxy phenolic technology, reviewing chemistry, terminology and performance when subjected to a wide range of operating conditions, both insulated and un-insulated with a view to characterizing performance and understanding why it has become the first choice for many in terms of CUI protection. The paper will subsequently benchmark epoxy phenolic performance against that of alternative epoxy technologies in order to better understand their limitations in terms of application, temperature resistance and corrosion protection in both insulated and un-insulated service conditions. The paper will conclude with a review of the guidance offered in NACE SP0198 regarding conventional epoxy and epoxy phenolic technologies and the terminology used to describe them.