Dr John Scheirs | ExcelPlas Polymer Testing Services, Australia


Failure Analysis Methodologies for Corrosion Barriers and Epoxy Coatings on Steel Pipework and Pipelines


The presentation with cover the failure analysis and analytical analysis of epoxy coatings including liquid applied epoxies, fusion-bonded epoxies and epoxy phenolics as well as polyethylene coatings for pipelines. The effect of structure–property discussed as well as a range of techniques to guide the failure analysis and investigation of coating defects. Case studies involving coating breakdown, polymer degradation and corrosion will be presented.


Dr. John Scheirs had 25 years experience in studying the composition of polymers, their structure-property relationships and their failure behaviour. His research & consulting has resulted in over 60 refereed journal articles, 6 textbooks on polymers, 12 patents, and numerous conference presentations both domestically and at an international level.

He has been an expert witness in the field of polymer analysis, structure-performance properties and polymer failure of polymers, rubbers, coatings and composites to various courts and tribunals including the Federal Court of Australia, Supreme Court of Victoria, Supreme Court of NSW, District Courts, County Courts, VCAT, etc.

He has consulted to over 1000 companies and organisations in the area of polymer failure and polymer failure analysis over the last 25 years.

He is the Founder and Managing Director of one of the largest polymer testing laboratories in Australia (ExcelPlas) with 15 full time staff.

ExcelPlas is a NATA-accredited, independent, analytical testing laboratory providing polymer testing and polymer analysis services for local and international clients. ExcelPlas is Australia’s only polymer-failure focused laboratory, with the capabilities to undertake a full range of testing and analysis of polymers and coatings. ExcelPlas has been testing and evaluating polymer products including coatings for over two decades and has earned a superior reputation as an internationally acclaimed, highest-quality testing and research facility in polymers and coatings.

Dr. Scheirs undertaken forensic analysis on epoxy and epoxy-phenolic coatings for the last 15 years. His expertise covers epoxy coatings analysis, epoxy coatings testing and failure analysis of polymers and coatings.

He has undertaken consulting and testing work with, for and on behalf of the following major companies with regard to protective epoxy coatings for steel structures and pipelines: Inpex (Offshore), Inpex Ichthys Project (Darwin), Chevron (Wheatstone Project), Saipem, Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI, South Korea) and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME, South Korea).


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