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Miles Buckhurst – Jotun, Norway

The Circular Economy from a Paint Manufacturing Perspective


The circular economy is a philosophy to help reduce the impact on the environment whilst still managing to carry on our full and demanding lives with little compromise.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is the leading thought tank behind this process and they describe in three simple bullet points

• Design out waste and pollution
• Keep products and materials in use
• Regenerate natural systems

Much of this philosophy is the unwritten principle behind anti-corrosion industry, keeping facilities and steel and concrete structures in good condition and operational.

This paper explores how a paint producer, users of coatings and their clients can introduce such a philosophy without significant cost even potentially savings, improving our lives and our image as companies.


Miles Buckhurst studied Polymer and Paint Chemistry at London University. Miles started his working life as a development Chemist at ICI Paints. Looking for more technical challenges on the use of paint and coatings, Miles moved to Jotun in London as technical support for the UK operation. In 1995 he moved to Norway to work in the Cathodic Protection division of Jotun and in 1998 became Global Technical Sales Support Manager in Jotun’s Head Office in Sandefjord, Norway. From that point Miles moved into Marketing and Product management and since 2010 has been the Global Concept Director – HPI.

In Miles’ 30 year career he has been a regular contributor to NACE, PSPC, IRPC and other industry conferences as well as being published in many industry technical journals.