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Corrizon Australasia

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Corrizon Australasia is the Australia/NZ distributor of the revolutionary range of CORRIZON Anti-Corrosion products for metal surfaces. Unlike
other products which convert or inhibit rust, CORRIZON is a treatment for metal surfaces that prevents metal from rusting and cures rusted surfaces.
No expensive preparation is required, as this water-based product will
penetrate into the upper layer of steel whilst not harming other nearby materials. CORRIZON is an international phenomenon, sold throughout the
world and they are pleased to launch it at this annual conference.

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Coating Supplies Australasia

Coating Supplies Australasia Pty Ltd is a privately held and independently operated Australian company that specialises in the distribution, supply and servicing of high quality coatings application equipment, testing and inspection instrumentation and associated supplies for powder and industrial coatings applicators as well as associated industry service providers. With a depth of experience in both Powder and Liquid coatings we offer our customers the highest level of technical support and expertise. Our parts, supplies and services will keep you running efficiently and save you time and resources by providing a one stop sourcing solution. Coating Supplies Australasia Pty Ltd is proud to be the distributors in Australia and New Zealand of TQC Vision on Quality Testing Instruments, QNix™ Coating Thickness Gauges and Elmed Isotest© Holiday Detectors. We also are proud to be authorised distributors of Graco and Gema™ powder coating equipment. Other brands in our stable include 3M, Sundstrom and Frontier Safety equipment. .

The team at Coating Supplies Australasia understands the needs and daily operations of coating applicators.

Our services include:
    • Application Equipment sales, servicing and support
    • Application Equipment replacement parts sales
    • Safety Supplies
    • Cartridge filters sales and support
    • Training and consulting services
    • Testing Equipment sales, servicing and calibration
    • Coating jigs, hooks and masking supplies
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Bristle Blaster Australia Pty Ltd

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Microanalysis Australia offer a tour of their facility, which is located in East Perth. Microanalysis Australia is a specialist Materials Characterisation Laboratory with a wide range of expertise.

There are many analytical techniques available to support a failure investigation. These include techniques for bulk sample analysis and those that provide topographic, metallurgical, or chemical information at very high magnifications.

From Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-ray Diffraction and Laser Surface Profilometry to Particle Sizing, Dangerous Goods classification and Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectroscopy.

The event will include a general tour and explanation of the tests they conduct including presentation on selection of analytical techniques for root cause failure analysis (RCFA) investigation.

There is a limited number of 25 places for this event, it is recommended to book early to secure your place.

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Originally established over 40 years ago to provide technical
consulting, BlastOne has grown to become a single source supplier of blasting equipment,
abrasives and know-how to customers all over the world. BlastOne operates
internationally from several offices across Australia, New Zealand, North
America and UK.

We stand behind our brand claim of Superior Performance.
It’s something we define as ‘Performance3’ – the result of combining superior know-how
with superior abrasives and superior equipment.

In short, it’s something that delivers greater cost-efficiencies
for our customers.

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Russell Fraser Sales Pty Ltd

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Russell Fraser Sales Pty Ltd (RFS) has been supplying Australia with non-destructive
testing (NDT) equipment for over 25 years. Russell Fraser and his team have had
a long involvement with Australia’s Corrosion industry, with a vision to
provide equipment with the greatest Quality, Performance and Price. For the
corrosion mitigation industry, RFS provides 3D Scanners for pipeline integrity
assessment, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Ultrasonic Phased Array, Holiday
Detectors, Thermal Imagers, Videoscopes and much more; many of which will be showcased
on the RFS NDT Toy Shop – stand #47. RFS also has an innovative approach to NDT
product reviews on YouTube with their UnboxingNDT video series.

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Australasian Concrete Repair Association

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The Australasian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA) was formed in
1991 with the aim of providing a forum to promote discussion and an
exchange of views in the concrete repair industry to advance the
technology and practice of concrete repair and associated activities.

The Association’s members are at the forefront of concrete repair
technology worldwide and include companies and individuals with an
interest in repairing and protecting concrete, including:

  • Specialist consultants and engineers
  • Specialist repair contractors
  • Specialist materials suppliers
  • Asset owners
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Dulux Protective Coatings

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Dulux Protective Coatings provides effective, long term protection against corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion and impact damage in diverse, harsh and corrosive environments with our broad range of products. Heavy duty inorganic zinc silicate and zinc-rich epoxy primers, high build epoxies, chlorinated rubbers, epoxy-acrylic and polyurethane topcoats, micaceous iron oxide coatings, polyurea and heat resisting product lines are available from over 230 outlets across Australasia.

Dulux Protective Coatings’ experienced technical consultants provide tailor made solutions for whatever your project demands, even for the most demanding and difficult conditions. Contact us today!

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Australasian Industrial Wrappings & Coatings Pty Ltd

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AIWC is a manufacturer and distributor of Petrolatum, bitumen, butyl, elastomeric and
epoxy coatings.

After 19 years of manufacturing for the pipeline and corrosion industry, AIWC have
further diversified and for over the last decade the company have been providing
one stop shop solutions to the pipeline and marine industry.

Amongst some of the agencies AIWC represent are Viscotaq with their world renowned
elastomeric tape coatings and Tinker & Rasor with their holiday detection equipment
and corrosion monitoring products.

These products complement AIWC’s pipeline and marine coatings which ensure AIWC are
one of the market leaders with our worldwide distribution network.



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Metaltec TC / MCU Coatings

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Metaltec TC  New Thermal Insulation Coating:

Metaltec TC is a waterborne, single component coating applied with spray gun or brush in thicknesses ranging from 100 to 800 microns per layer, for thermal insulation at temperatures from -40°C up to 300°C.

Finally a new alternative to traditional thermal insulation (rock wool + aluminium shells), Metaltec TC offers similar coefficient of thermal insulation (better in humid or moisture environment) but applied more economically, allowing no sandblasting, no maintenance, no inspection, perfect Personnel Protection and avoiding completely CUI applied together with MCU.

MetalTec TC is applied on pipes, boiler tanks, vessels, evaporators, distillators, crystallizers, or any surfaces up to 240°C without shutting down the installation.

Metaltec TC complies with the environmental protection charters. It is a “green” product certified as non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Anti-corrosion MCU Coatings:


MCU Coatings is a new generation of corrosion protection coatings for the most difficult application conditions (high humidity, extreme temperatures, high UV, no mixing errors and no sandblasting required). MCU has a very short drying time (3 layers in less than two hours) with surface preparations as limited as ST2, ST3, (WAB, HP, UHP).

These 21st century moisture cure coatings are single-component polyurethanes which form a strong barrier to moisture, corrosion and UV, on any type of support: steel, metal alloys, concrete. MCU is flexible, allows no delamination, cracks or chalking, and can be applied in humilities up to 100% and cures underwater.

This new generation of moisture cure urethane coatings has more than 2 times the long-term resistance corrosion resistance over time of any epoxy coating of older generation.


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Tcorr Inspection

Tcorr Inspection is a NATA accredited inspection body
(#19230) and offers corrosion engineering, coating inspection and cathodic
protection services. Our capabilities cover a broad spectrum from QA/QC, third
party inspections to specialised services such as corrosion and coating
condition surveys of infrastructure in the oil & gas industry, road & rail
bridges, and marine assets.