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Professor Nick Birbilis | Monash University

Corrosion of emerging materials

As technologies rapidly advance, materials are being utilised in previously unconsidered environments and unique loading scenarios. Similarly, the emergence of new materials, and the ability to produce them, has dramatically increased in the past decade – owing to a widespread emergence of computational materials design and additive manufacturing. Such aspects will be discussed quite generally, along with specific examples of the durability of the following emerging materials: (i) Additively manufactured (i.e. 3D printed) metals and alloys, (ii) High entropy alloys, and (iii) ultralightweight alloys.

Professor Nick Birbilis is the Woodside Innovation Chair, and Head, Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University.  Nick has published over 200 papers including books, book chapters and patents. Most of his research is industry focused, and he works closely with a number of industry partners both locally and internationally. His work involves electrochemistry, metallurgy and corrosion science. Nicks research emphasises the role of material structure on durability and corrosion – such work not only revealing the origins of corrosion, but also allowing for the rational design of corrosion resistant materials. Nick is a Fellow of NACE, a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society, and a proud member of the ACA.