Qualifying Tank Coatings for Broad Service Capabilities

Paper No. 150
  1. Bowditch1, A.W. Chesterton, Groveland, Massachusetts, USA



Often times an existing tank lining is unsuited for exchange service when a new chemical is going to be stored in the tank.  For example, a tank lining selected to resist light oils is not necessarily compatible with alkylates.  When this situation arises either the tank must stay out of service or be relined with a suitable coating at the plants expense.  The cost associated with draining, cleaning and degassing an above ground storage (AST) tank for can be as high as $150-200,000 and that is before you add in the costs associated with surface preparation, coating materials and application.  If a single coating system can accept a broader range of service conditions then economies of coating with that system are improved and the tank farm operator can gain those benefits. This paper will describe a process, based on technical submittals and laboratory testing, used by one end user who sought support in their quest for a limited range of linings suitable for expanded service conditions across a large tank population in gas to liquid process industry.