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Strategic Inspection and Repair Procedure Formalised for Repairs to a Major Marine Complex

Paper No. 103
Mr Inam Khan1, Mr. Jonathon Dyson1, Mr Marton Marosszeky1, Mr Frank Papworth1 – 1BCRC, , Australia


Durability Plans for projects are seldom developed for existing structures. However,

fib  Model  Code  2020  which  is  in  development  will  include  existing  structures alongside  new  structures.  Australia  is  well  advanced  with  CIA  Recommended Practice Z7/01 being the first international document detailing the approach. Z7/01 is based   on  experience   from   10  years   of  formal   durability   planning   on  major government infrastructure projects in Australia.

Durability  plans  are  typically  based  on  the  project  technical  criteria  (which  are normally based on national codes) and the owner’s standard specification as minimum requirements.  For new structures the durability plan may not typically make major changes  to  the  structural  design,  although  the  durability  consultant  may  help  to identify significantly different options to the standard design requirements.

However,  for the assessment  and remediation  of existing  structures,  the durability consultant’s role is much more fundamental to the development of the primary design approach. As such the durability consultant needs to be involved prior to other experts to determine the nature and extent of deterioration and how that might influence the most economic design approach. Given the more uncertain nature of repairs they may also require time to undertake trials, particularly where cathodic protection systems are involved. Even where a design and construct project is envisaged, the durability consultant  needs  to  identify  parameters  that  will  ensure  that  the  repair  solutions offered will closely meet the owner’s needs. There is a need for a much wider appreciation of materials properties than exists for new construction, where the range of materials used is usually more limited. A much greater understanding of processes of assessment prior to repair design is required. This paper discusses a strategic inspection and repair procedure for a major marine complex.

Keywords:  durability planning, new projects, existing structures, inspection, repair.